The @Aura_Pop AIMS of LIFE!


The list below are the things I want to acheive as of will be changed, and when any get completed they will be moved to the COMPLETED section below! : )

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My Travelling checklist - UK to round the world!


So, I am going to Europe for a month - 22nd July - 18th August, and coming back for a bit then off to a 'round world' trip (SE Asia, Australia, NZ & Fiji) up until christmas 2011.
This list should help anyone doing anything similar!

My experiences:
Europe -
Round world -

Laura exploring the world 2011 - from the UK to SE Asia, Australia, Fiji and New Zealand!


So this is the Big and SCARY trip! I am sooooooo excited though! Everytime I think about it I get Butterflies in my stomach! :)

I will be starting off mid September, and flying to Bangkok. I've been to Thailand, and absolutely LOVED it, so i'm excited to visit there again!!
Blog on this trip:

Laura exploring the world 2011 - from the UK to around Europe :)


Travel blog:

So as part of my list, I have LOADS of countries that I need to visit, so I'm getting some done this year!
I've never done anything like this before, and I'm doing it ALONE!
I'm quitting my job and using my hard earned savings to go travelling :)

I'm visiting Europe first to ease myself in, and then I'm doing a 'big (and scary) trip' afterwards!!

Being an Extra on Made in Chelsea..aired on 20/06/11 on E4


So..I was an extra on Made In Chelsea! :)

It was for a Masquerade Ball scene and involved a lot of standing around (IN MY HEELS!!)
It was all day at Painters hall in London - swanky! lol

I enjoyed meeting a lot of new people and we got fed crisps lol
Monster Munch!

Laura on ITV's Dinner Date series 2 - the DATE!!! ahhhhh

5. The Date
So..he knocked the door..for real this time! AAH! I was sooo scared! The guy was not what I expected even though I didn't know what to expect! All I did know was that he wasn't my type! He was blonde, South African, rugby playing looking type, wearing a purple shirt and a tiger tooth necklace.
I can barely remember what he looks like, but i'll have to wait until it airs cause I didn't take a picture!
here he is! Midge

Laura on ITV's Dinner Date series 2 - the BIG DAY!!


My day was Thursday 10th March (I was date no.2), I woke up soooo excited and scared!! I had CRAZY butterflies, I was so nervous! I had everything prepared though; my outfits, the food (which was delivered the night before), my hair plans (very important!), the house was clean and my house-mates had left...
The day was going to be split in 6 parts:

1. My hobby
2. My interview
3. My cooking
4. Getting ready for date interview
5. The date
6. After date interview