Laura exploring the world 2011 - from the UK to SE Asia, Australia, Fiji and New Zealand!


So this is the Big and SCARY trip! I am sooooooo excited though! Everytime I think about it I get Butterflies in my stomach! :)

I will be starting off mid September, and flying to Bangkok. I've been to Thailand, and absolutely LOVED it, so i'm excited to visit there again!!
Blog on this trip:

From Bangkok, I'm doing a month long tour around South East Asia called the Indochina experience. 

as you can see, it visits Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. It looks very tiring however, I hope I can do all this and party all nite too lol.

After this month tour, I will be spending 2 weeks in Thailand by myself. I will decide what to do when I'm there, but the last time I island hopped in Thailand, I visited Koh Tao, Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, so I think this time I will go to other islands - Krabi, Phi Phi and Phuket maybe! I could also go down to Malaysia or Singapore maybe - I'll just have to decide when I'm there!

After these two weeks, I will be flying to Australia! I'm doing a tour called the Island Suntanner.

This 2 week tour looks amazing! It looks quite relaxing, whilst still visitng all the important landmarks. I think I'm going to do this tour in reverse, and end in Sydney, where I will stay for 2 weeks by myself.

Next up - FIJI! OMG, I am sooo excited to visit Fiji! It looks amazing - how I would imagine paradise.
I will be doing a tour called The Ultimate Lei.

This tour is a week long, and I will be in Fiji for about 10 days altogether.

Then on to New Zealand!!
I'm going to do a hop-on hop-off bus thing, I will be doing the Northern Round up:

This will take me to the 21st December! Just back in time for Christmas (won't have any money left for pressies though!!)

Woo Hoo Cannot WAIT!

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