The @Aura_Pop AIMS of LIFE!


The list below are the things I want to acheive as of will be changed, and when any get completed they will be moved to the COMPLETED section below! : )

Follow me!

Be on TV
- Dinner Date - aired 22nd June 2011! :)
- the run up
- the big day
- the date
Be an extra on TV
- Made in Chelsea aired 20th June 2011
Be in a music video
Visit Wales, Scotland and Ireland
Visit 6 of the 7 continents (excluding Antarctica!)
Do Camp America
Volunteer in South America
Backpack in South East Asia - Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand
Visit China, Japan, Malaysia
Backpack through Australia, New Zealand, Fiji
Visit states in the US: California, Florida, Georgia, New York, Nevada (at LEAST!)
Travel around Europe
- the plan
- my European Escapade
Go Camping
Visit Paris's Art Galleries (inspired by the Da Vinci code!) 
- Gay Pareee!
Visit Italy
- Florence
- Rome
- Venice
Go on a Gondola
Visit Egypt
Ride a camel
Visit pyramids
Skydive (ahhhh!)
Go in a hot air balloon
Go skiing
- I fell down a mountain!!
Learn a foreign language
Go to Malta & Cyprus
Meet my favourite celeb (Trey Songz!)
- probably the closest i'll ever get!
Experience Weightlessness
Throw a dart into a map and travel to where it lands
Go on the Thames in a boat
Go paintballing
Ride in a Limousine
Pole dancing lessons
Buy a flat/house - move back to South London!

Then it gets a little more vague from here!!!

Decide on career path
Have a 'career!'
Get Engaged
Get Married
Have Kids


4 out of 7 continents:
a) South America OR North America! (Caribbean) - who the HELL knows which continent the Caribbean islands are in???!!!!
-Grenada (been about 10 times!! It's the homeland!), Trinidad, Antigua, St. Lucia, Tobago
On a boat in Grenada, WI, That's me in the MIDDLE!! : )
Grenada is sooooooo BEAUTIFUL!
b) Europe
- UK, France, Greece, Portugal, Spain
- travelling around europe 
On that trip in 2011 I went to France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Amsterdam as well :)
c) Africa
(kind of a cheat one! haha) - Canary Islands - Fuerteventura, Lanzarote
d) Asia
Thailand, and in 2011 I went Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam.. stopped in Singapore too :)
woohoo, got a continent to add from 2011 :)
e) Australia
I went to Fiji, Australia and New Zealand :)

Be on TV
Not allowed to write about this one yet until its aired!! BUT.. I will be on the second series of 'Dinner Date' that comes on ITV... OMG!! it will be aired in June/July 2011!! aaahh!

Be an extra on TV

Travel around Europe
the plan
my European Escapade

went to Paris, Beaujolais wine region, Nice, Monaco, Barcelona, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Amsterdam

Give a speech in public
me giving a presentation to SURGEONS (AHH!) at a conference in Bournemouth. 2008
me being the 'MC' at my dad's 50th birthday party
Work for a charity
I work for Deafness Research UK - co-ordinating our BIONIC EAR SHOW! 2009-2011
Volunteer for a charity 
I support someone living with HIV volunteering through THT 2010-2011
Get a degree
Gained a 2:1 Psychology degree from Brunel 2004-2008
me n my bro on Graduation day, 2008
Take up painting
**Click on link** :)
Me creating a beautiful masterpiece! :)
Play the piano
I started playing the piano from the age of 6..but we moved to Grenada when I was 9, so didn't keep it up (WISH I did!!) I however took it up again for a bit when I did my Music GCSE..but forgot about it again! I have now got a REALLY NICE electric piano and intend on playing again..
For now I'm gonna try and teach myself popular songs (probably a Ne-yo or Trey Songz song)..

Meet Trey Songz
- well, this is probably the closest i'll ever get!

OMG! sooooooooooo close! lol

LOL had this one covered LONG TIME! haha
This is me and my friend Jeff at a 'olden days' photshoot being Gangstas! : )

Visit more Museums/Art Galleries
- V&A Museum April 2011
**Click on link** :)

V&A Museum, South Kensington
Go to a strip club
**click on link**

Visit Wales
**Click on link**
- did this in April/May 2011 - went on an old steam train, quad trekking, visited a museum, a castle and saw a lot of beautiful countryside; wildlife and lakes..
me and my Welsh dragon on the steam train
Island hop in Thailand
Me and my cousin at a beach party in Ko Phangan 2009
foam beach party!

Visit Turkey
Too young to have any pics, went with mum, dad, brother when I was about 15!! (DAMNNNN 10 YEARS AGO!!!)

Visit Greece (Zante)
haha, me and my friend Sam and our naughty T-Shirts in Greece, 2007! 
Visit France
I've been to France a few times, school trips, EuroDisney, and to see the Spice Girls in concert!! While I was quite young though..

Visit Spain
Went to Barcelona with my ex, Darius in....05/06 (?)

Visit Portugal
Went to the Algarve with my ex Leon in 2008

in a hole in Port-o-gal!!
Get a piercing
I've got 8 piercings..but 6 are in my ears!! Guess where the other two are! ; ) hehe

Get a tattoo
I've got 3 tattoos - a butterfly on my left shoulder, the below on my right thigh and a dove on my left ankle..
Added tattoo number 4 in 2012 :)
the one on my thigh..

Go Horse-Riding
I remember doing this...can't remember when.. or where.. : )

Ride an Elephant
me and my cousin, Thailand 2009
Go NEAR a snake
I went a bit further than near! OMG I still can't believe I did this!

Live with a guy
Lived with my ex Leon for about a year...we were together for about 2.

Go speed dating
me with my name badge on before having 20 dates!

Try Internet dating
Plenty of or more like Plenty of lol nah it was alrite.. met couple guys off dere..

Go Go Karting
Go Karting in Birmingham - came 13th lol
Go Quad Trekking
**Click on link**
- did this whilst in Wales for a weekend

See Trey Songz in Concert
**Click on link**
I've seen him 3 times!! Soon to be 4!

Have a celeb I LOVE follow me on twitter!
Ne-yo!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! followed me on 29/03/11 :)

Go Scuba Diving
yep - this is me, Scuba Diving in Turkey! I didn't like it though!!!

Go on a party bus
all inna Partayyy bus for my cousin Crystal's hen night 2010

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